We provide comprehensive adult primary care, under the direct primary care (DPC) monthly membership model.

Initial evaluation and intake (for new patients) is thorough.  The cost is $120-200, depending on number and complexity of medical problems.  At the end of this evaluation, if you wish to establish care as a patient of this practice, the monthly membership price is $50/month (lower medical complexity patients) or $75/month (higher medical complexity patients), based on this initial evaluation.

Membership gives you:

-  A personal relationship with me, your physician (no doctor-go-round, nurse practitioners or physician assistants)

-  Unlimited doctor visits as needed, in person, or by phone, text or email at NO extra charge (no "copays" or other additional charges).  Same day/next business day appointments in most cases.  No taking time off to get help when an in  person visit is not medially necessary.

-Large savings on cash paid labs and generic medications (both done in-office; up to 90+% savings off rates using insurance - or use  your traditional insurance if you wish).  We can tell you how to get similar cash savings on imaging (x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT scans), and top quality surgical and multispecialty care, if desired.

(As an internist, I do not see children.)